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Sons Of Odin News

Weekly Business for 7/28/2014

Greetings Gents, So this week we’ve got SOG training up early on monday (8pm server, get some), our first open officers meeting where among other things we discuss, we’ll be hashing out the PS2 training schedule (be there and be heard), as well as social night on thursdays. For those who like lists:...
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Weekly Biz’Nass for 21/7/2014

Alright, so this week was *fairly* quiet but I will still alibi onto some weekly topics before rolling into next week.    First off:   Thursday, a crew of us will be playing Defiance, a F2P third person pew pew game. Join us, we’ll keep it light and fun.    Friday, we will...
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Weekly Business

I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July as every bird, bee, and other flying crustacean/marsupial/alien entity has had their balls scared off by the sky over the United States erupting in what their poor little animal brains can only manifest as the apocalypse. Many beers were drank, wicks were lit, and...
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Dark Souls 2 Review (PC)

The premise behind DS2, as many of you may know, is that of a difficult, unforgiving, but ultimately rewarding video game experience. There is a great deal of wiki-wealth (I’m totally trademarking that term, I own it) on various bosses, locations, weapons… You name it, there is a wiki article on it.  Except,...
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Arena Commander coming soon

We here in the Sons of Odin are highly anticipating the incoming Arena Commander (dogfighting) module for Star Citizen. At Pax East, Chris Roberts promised us more news at the end of the month and stated that we might see Arena Commander in the beginning of June. First, a little information about Arena Commander. It...
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Sons of Odin ring in the New Year!

Greetings soldiers! As we take stock of our operations for the New Year, we have some exciting news to bring up. First we will be opening the position of Communications Officer for the community, see Terraphon regarding this (or his forum post). Second, we will be voting on which charity the Sons of...
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Project Valhalla Testing to Commence!

The Project Valhalla Developer Team will be moving PV into closed alpha at first, followed by a community open alpha (for those with Arma 3) following that. There are still plenty of issues that need to be hashed out but we all understand how absurdly unrealistic (and boring) every other mod for Arma...
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Sons of Odin Reunion Game!

On December 6th we will be having a Sons of Odin Reunion Game in Planetside 2! Make sure you get your client patched and everything squared away. The festivities begin at 7:30 PST....
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Sons of Odin – November Town Hall Meeting!

This Friday at 8 PM Server (PST) we will be hosting our month Sons of Odin Town Hall Meeting. Topics of discussion for the meeting will include a report from all the game Division Commanders as well as OIC’s of unsupported game sections, promotions, policy changes, news from the greater community, and of...
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